Do you have questions about Asian carps? Are you concerned about how they could impact the Great Lakes if they were to arrive and establish? If so, then join us for an information session! This information session will be co-hosted with Friends of the Pinery and will focus on Grass Carp, one of the four species of Asian carps, and the one that poses the most immediate threat to the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are worth an estimated $13 billion annually. This includes revenue from recreational fishing, commercial fishing, recreational boating, beaches and lakefront use, recreational hunting and wildlife viewing across Canada and the U.S. Grass Carp, one of the four species of Asian carps, have the potential to devastate the Great Lakes ecologically and economically if they were to establish. Just 10 Grass Carp per hectare could reduce wetland vegetation by 50%, pushing out species that depend on these wetlands for food and habitat. Grass Carp establishment could negatively impact angling, boating, and other forms of recreational water use.

Join us on Tuesday, July 27th for the virtual portion of this event which will consist of a panel of experts who will discuss prevention and early detection efforts, current and future research, reporting, and impacts. Spots are limited!


7:00 PM – Welcome and Introductions

7:10 PM – Interviews with Panel

7:45 PM – Audience Question and Answer Period with Panel

8:30 PM – Adjourn 

In the Grand Bend area? Join us on Wednesday, July 28th to talk to one of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s surveillance crews about early detection work and check out some of their gear! Additional information and resources will be available on site.

Where: Lambton Heritage Museum Parking Lot (10035 Museum Rd, Grand Bend, ON)

When: Come and Go between 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.

This event will be run in accordance with up-to-date COVID-19 gathering, social distancing and/or masking guidelines.

Questions about the event? E-mail